Sunday, July 27, 2014

Less one missionary van

July 27, 2014
Yesterday was quite a day for Keith.  He had several interviews at the office and then grabbed the Assistants to take off for Stake President interviews.  They stopped at the local Subway.  First let me tell you that Subway’s down here are way better – it may be the fact that it’s just American food that we have been deprived of – but boy they taste good!  Keith chose to park the missionary van right in front of the store - he and 10 other cars were parked illegally which is the common thing down here.  Waiting in line, they noticed that the van was about to be towed away.  He was chosen to be the lucky one!  No amount of pleading and bribing worked, so off went the missionary van.  Luckily the Mission’s Toyota Corolla was parked back at the office, so a taxi delivered them to pick it up.  No Subway – had to settle for a granola bar, Snickers, and a soda. 

We attended church in Nezahualcoyotl today.  We just found a time that a ward started, and took off.  We wanted to test our ability to find the chapel.  We didn’t know which missionaries we would find but it turned out to be Hermana’s Bennett and Ingram.  We love them!  It took us one solid hour to get there but we popped in 4 minutes early.  Time doesn’t matter here – church started 20 minutes later.  They have a funny tradition here.  Once the Sacrament hymn starts, 2 brothers guard the doors.  They literally keep their hands on the handles and not let anyone in until after the hymn and Sacrament.  I understand they do the same thing at Baptisms.  At least they weren’t armed! (There are plenty of those down here!)

Sunday is a beloved day to walk the streets and visit “tiangis.”  Tiangis are like flea markets.  They fill the streets – they randomly close streets to hold them.  The missionaries love to visit these on Mondays and Fridays.  This is where they find all that “special stuff” they haul home to mom and dad.  You can even find monkeys, giraffes, and lions for sale.  Be thankful those don’t get hauled back to America!

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