Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Pizza for Lunch!

July 22, 2014
Keith is in the process of interviewing all the missionaries.  As reported by him:
Sister Zambrano, our Sister Training Leader, goes home next month.  She said that when she returns home, all of her closest friend will have earned their college degrees.  She will be behind by 2 years.  But she says it doesn’t matter, she has earned her degree from the “University of God.”  She is so thankful she fulfilled a mission!

July 23, 2014
The interviewing goes on.  While Keith interviews, I go around and talk with each Elder/Sister to get to know them.  I really enjoy talking to the Americans because we can get some humor/sarcasm going.  It’s fun to hear their stories about adjusting to life as a missionary.  As we sat there through lunch time, one Elder mentioned that there was a Little Caesar’s Pizza nearby.  Really?  Off went two Elders to find it.  When they got there the pizza was about double the USA price, but they still grabbed three.  It took them two taxi rides, and a bit of walking to make the round trip.  Arriving back the two had pretty well cleaned out one of the boxes and the other two were attacked by a swarm of hungry bees, I mean Elders!  I have to admit – that pizza tasted pretty good, even though it was lukewarm!  You gain an appreciation here for things you used to take for granted.

Our mission is gaining 24 new Elders in August.  We have 7 Elders going home so we have a net gain of 17.  We need 24 new trainers – the most important job in the mission!  If someone has a bad first trainer, it’s sometimes hard to recover.  Our mission is going from 192 to 209.  We add another 6 or 8 in September.  Housing has to be found, areas opened, and apartments filled with the necessary items.  It will be busy next week!

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