Sunday, July 6, 2014

6 Days into the mission

6 Days into the mission – an update

Keith contracted pneumonia while at the MTC.  We, I am sure by divine providence, were not scheduled to fly to Mexico until 4 days following the MTC.  He survived the first two days here and then was even sicker than before.  Our neighbor, President Valadez of the MCS mission took him to a specialist.  He was given 4 medicines and sent to bed through today.  He is quickly regaining strength and hopes to start next week at full power.

The most overwhelming task at hand is how to get around this place!  Neither the mission office nor home is actually in the mission boundaries.  We live about 9 miles from the Mission office.  Seems a short distance in the USA – but here the traffic is “over the top.”  Nice drivers don’t even finish last – they are simply “eaten alive.” The Assistants have driven us to date.  Taking a suggestion from President Valadez, we got in the van just before light today.  We had blocked out the route to the office and getting there went pretty smoothly – although once on the street the numbers didn’t make sense.  After 4 trips up and down the street, we found it!  All offices and residents in the area sit behind two metal garage doors.  So unless you are looking for a business, you are looking at myriads of metal garage doors.  We were happy to find it – and then tried to plan our way back.  We tried following the same route back but couldn’t enter on to the expressway.  We found ourselves down a blocked street that we had to back out of.  We returned to the office to try again.  We followed a route the Assistants had mentioned – 2 more attempts and then back to the office.  By now Keith’s not feeling well was showing!  We prayed again, and set out.  I would trace us on the IPhone and he would drive.  We finally found the correct “freeway” and made it a few miles till it was under construction.  We tried a side street only to find we were face to face with a rather large bus.  Both Keith and the bus driver had their hands in the air.  I found that funnier than Keith did!  Finally, after several hours we found ourselves back in Coyoacan, where our home is.  Some of the streets in Coyoacan are cobblestone, no traffic lines, with a lot of speed “mountains.”  Great “fun” to hit those mountains!

A little about our home:  It is made of concrete, wood and tile floors, and is really quite beautiful.  There are two floors and a small third floor that looks like it is a servant’s quarters – Keith calls it Rapunzel’s tower.  I like the third floor – I can walk out on the roof up there and look around.  There is also a Nordic track – although exercising at 8000 feet presents an oxygen challenge!  The kitchen is modern.  The house is cold and we don’t have a heating/air conditioning system.  There are a few space heaters around.  I didn’t expect cold – this is summer.  Most of our warmer wear is in the packed boxes coming from California.

With Keith sick, I took the opportunity to walk around Coyoacan a little.  I know where the bank, drug store, and Walmart are located.  By the way – Walmart is the more expensive place to shop.  I have spotted a Burger King and a Papa Johns.  I was with Sister Valadez when we got caught in a downpour in the plaza of Coyoacan.  I have never seen such rain.  Fortunately I had my croc’s on – but I was soaked to the bone is just minutes.  I now understand some of our missionary’s letters!

The Assistants were over last night and transfers are ready for next week.  We both are looking forward to “full steam ahead” tomorrow! 

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  1. I wish we could hear more. We can feel the Spirit even through your written words. All of our love to both of you!