Wednesday, July 2, 2014

And they twain shall meet...

July 2, 2014
We met with half the mission yesterday, the other half today.  How do you explain these feelings?

As I walked into the chapel yesterday, I was so overcome with emotion that it was all I could do to remain standing.  My hand went to my heart and my eyes filled with tears just to look at them.  It wasn’t planned but I set down my briefcase and started to hug those beautiful sisters!  I walked one by one and hugged them.  We shared tears and I could feel their spirits.  I was walking among the elite of the gospel.  I met apostles last week and their spirit was touchable.  These were just as strong.  Soon Keith joined me and we went Sister by Sister, Elder by Elder.  Forget that agenda – we were meeting our missionaries!  You could look into their eyes and see all the way to their special souls.  They loved us as much as we loved them.

I shall never forget what I experienced that day.  We talked, we laughed, we hugged, and we buoyed each other up.  And I knew I had another day coming that would be just as wonderful!

The second day brought another batch of the elite.  There were no sisters in this group, it was all Elders.  My heart just dropped when I saw them sitting there waiting for us.  I would swear that the armies of Helaman could not have looked better!  Again it was row by row, Elder by Elder and I shook hands and Keith hugged.

There was one missionary that almost took me to my knees.  Elder D.Rob from Nevada:  Elder Rob had an accident last month.  After being in the rain, he went to the roof of a home.  His wet clothes conducted electricity from an open wire and he was accidently electrocuted.  His poor little hands were wrapped clear to the elbows.  They looked so painful.  I looked at them and started to cry.  I so wanted to have the power to have my tears heal them.  He had given so much, and had chosen to stay on his mission.  He said it “was just a trial.”   Every time I looked at him it was all I could do to keep my composure.  What an example!

These greetings are forever stamped on my heart.

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