Saturday, August 2, 2014

The busy schedule!

August 1, 2014
We start to wonder whenever we have an empty space in our schedule.  We know that it will be filled – it’s just always a mystery what will fill it!

Today we had the Leadership Council.  All the zone leaders and sister training leaders come together to work on the direction of the mission.  We knew it would be finished by about 1:30 but then our day was “free.”  “Free” only means it is waiting to be filled, which will happen.

During the council, Keith received a phone call.  Our wonderful Elder S.G.’s hands were swelling again.  This poor Elder has been through major stomach problems, and then ended up in the hospital for a reaction to something – food? Environment? Companion ;) ?  His parents and we have been worried.  Last week when the reaction started again, we took him to the Temple Health Clinic (LDS doctors on missions, serving by the Mexico City Temple).  They arranged for some tests to start next week.  And here we were on Friday and his hands and arms were swelling.  You don’t mess around with allergic reactions!

As with the Lord, small miracles come to the aid of His Elders.  We called the Mexico City MTC who also had two LDS doctors serving over 1,000 Elders and Sisters who are there learning Spanish.  Dr. Gill, one of the two doctors, has a specialty in Allergies and Immunology.  Not for a minute do I think this is a coincidence!  After pulling the Elder out of the field (one hour away) and grabbing his Zone Leader as a companion, we all drove the other 90 minutes to the MTC.  What a blessing.  Our sweet Elder was diagnosed in a matter of minutes and given the correct medicine.  What a relief to us all!

And can I say – that MTC is amazing!  There are 100 acres, surrounded by a high stone fence, existing in the middle of Mexico City.  The campus is spotless and since it used to be a private LDS high school, has all the facilities that you’d expect including sports fields, gymnasiums, and housing.  We even ate at their cafeteria and the two Elders we had with us thought it was Thanksgiving!  Their plates were filled almost embarrassingly,  but amazingly high!  Good laugh!

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