Thursday, July 10, 2014

2 super nice Elders!

Elder Ordonez was in the office yesterday.  He was waiting for his companion who was having an interview.  He is from Honduras and we can speak with about half Spanish and half English.  He was wearing a pair of black plastic shoes with a bright orange strip.  He told me he was embarrassed to be wearing these shoes, that they weren’t appropriate shoes.  I asked him if he had another pair and he said no.  He and his companion had been walking home a few days before when a Saint Bernard started to chase them.  The dog was about to bite Elder Ordonez when his slip on shoe fell off.  The dog grabbed it and ran the other way.  He had to walk home with one shoe and one sock.  He and Keith made a trip to Walmart for a present from the president.

Elder Avalos was also in the office.  His companion had to go with a secretary to clear his Visa.  He is so fun to talk with!  I had noticed when I shook his hand that it felt different.  When he was sitting by me, I could see why.  He is missing his pinkie finger on the right hand.  I asked him about it.  When he was 17 he was working with a large printer.  He was feeding in the paper when his hand got too far in and it just cut the finger off.  He showed me his shocked face and then pointed to the ground where his finger was.  I looked at his hand.  He still had toner tattoos in many places on his hand where the machine had done its dirty work.  He had no sadness – his face just beamed with his love of life and Jesus Christ.

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