Tuesday, July 1, 2014

We are getting there......

June 30, 2014
We are finally on our way.  We are sitting on an airplane that will land in Mexico City this evening.  It fills like the ride has just started, at least that's what my stomach feels like.  However my head tells me we have already had to come so far to be sitting here.

The MTC was amazing.  We sat at the feet and learned from the entire Quorum of the Twelve and the First Presidency.  It was a powerful 4 days which left you so thrilled, and tired by nightfall.  We were treated in the finest manner possible.  The MTC experience ended on Wednesday night.  Most Presidents and wives were flying out the next morning.  President Morales, the one Keith is replacing, requested we come on the following Monday.  We wanted to just take off but instead we expected to have four days just experiencing Provo.

Life is what happens when you have plans! By Thursday evening Keith was getting sick.  By Friday morning he had pneumonia.  Fortunately he recognized the symptoms and acted quickly.  He was put to bed not to move until our flight on Monday.

6AM flight ready for take off…or not.  The plane was "unflyable."  SLC to Dallas to Mexico changed to SLC to San Francisco to Mexico.  Picked up luggage, changed airlines, got through security again and we were off at 8:40, in the wrong direction.  We will still arrive today, just 6-7 hours later.  As we flew to California, we saw Lake Oroville out the window.  We saw the area that our home sits.  There were a few small pains that hit my heart.

Back to the present: We have just passed into Mexico.  In less than 3 hours, our life will be forever changed.  This blog is about to change from being about me to being about "them" - all 192 waiting for us.

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