Wednesday, July 16, 2014

One big family

July 16, 2014
Keith has started interviews.  A zone comes at a time.  While he is interviewing, I talk with each one and record some information.  Here is a sampling of our missionaries:

  • Elder C. from Guanajuato, Mexico:  “I want a place for the Savior in my future life.”  He wants to study Pediatric Medicine.
  •  Elder H. from Lima, Peru:  He has been a member for 2 years and baptized his parents and sisters.  He speaks great English.
  • Sister I. from Elk Ridge, Utah:  She had scholarships for sports to UVCC but felt compelled to go to BYU.  She thought it was for the nursing program.  No – it was to be prepared to serve a mission.
  • Elder L. from SLC, Utah:   He had a spiritual experience a couple of years ago when his family did a church history trip.  “I felt a strange feeling that I needed to pray in the Sacred Grove.  Got on my knees, like Joseph Smith, and asked the Lord what He wanted me to do with my life.  I felt a strong conviction about the mission. “
  • Sister L. from Merlo, Buenos Aires, Argentina: She was at EFY, and they taught the importance of missions.  She felt something strong in her heart that she needed to go.  She asked God if it was right.  He said "yes".  She decided to give everything she has to God and come on a mission.  When she was praying to God, she asked if she could come to Mexico.  She wanted to serve among the Lamanites. 
  • Sister M. from Dominican Republic:  She has been a member for 6 years but her branch has existed for 13 years.  Right after baptism, she started to do missionary splits.  She is the first missionary from her small branch.  She wants to be an example for the youth.
  • Elder M. from Providence, Utah:  He has two more weeks on his mission.  He has a goal of preparing two more for baptism.  He is going home happy with his service!
  • Sister S. from Tampico, Mexico:  Her patriarchal blessing told her of her mission to Mexico.  She graduated with a degree in Communications and loves being with the Lamanites.
  • Sister S. from Utah (Missouri):  Studied French and Italian and disliked Spanish.  She had no intention of going on a mission until one day her boss came in to her and told her she needed to go.  That Fast Sunday she received an answer to her prayer.
  • Sister T. from Magrath, Canada:  She always wanted to go on a mission and was planning to at age 21.  When the age changed she prayed about it for 2 months before announcing to her mom she would be going earlier.
  • Elder T. from Dominican Republic:  He joined the church when he was 17.  His mom wanted to join but can’t because his parents are not married.  He is hoping that through his service, his family will be blessed and his mom can be baptized.
  • Elder V. from Hildago, Mexico:  He was raised by his grandmother in Mexico.   His mother lives in Boston.  One month before starting his mission, his grandmother passed away.   Now as he finishes his successful mission, he will need to find his own life in Mexico.
  • Sister B. from Harrisburg, Virginia:  She has her degree in Italian from BYU.  She wanted to serve a mission and asked Heavenly Father each semester if it was time.  Once graduated, and no job on the horizon, her answer came.  She is applying to Oxford for graduate work following her mission.
  • Elder G. from Dominican Republic:  Joined the church just 2 years ago.  He is the only member in his family.  He can’t read, but walked in and fixed a computer problem in the mission office.  He has a huge smile on his face.

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  1. A gold mine. Thank you so much for this story of the faith and trials of these youth. Can't wait to share this in seminary. Sige Fuerte, Norm Rainock