Sunday, September 28, 2014

Help from above

September 28, 2014
I drove myself to church today.  Keith had about 6 hours of meetings with a Stake President and a Bishop, and we still have an Elder recuperating at our home.  So I did not go with him and was going to get myself to church.

We have gone to this church about 3 times.  However, I have never driven there but had always been a passenger.  In my mind I could see most of the turns.  It is about a 15 minute drive through twisty roads.

Just as I was preparing to leave, I spotted my phone on the table.  As I went to pick it up, I remembered I hadn’t prayed, so I did that, and went to the car.  I made the first few turns correctly, but as I approached the final turn to the church, the big landmark (a billboard) was not the same.  I also couldn’t see the church through a parking lot like we usually can.  And so I drove on – but knew almost immediately that I had missed it.  It was a one way road so there was no turning back.  I drove for several blocks and turned right on the first semi-big road I could.  I reached for my phone so I could use google maps but I had forgotten to pick it up after the prayer.  I started to talk to Heavenly Father!  I hoped that I could make a square and find myself so I took the next right turn.  Almost immediately I was on dirt roads that were very narrow and filled with small houses.  I was in a little Puebla.  I carefully maneuvered around holes and people and tried another right.  I knew I should turn around immediately, which I did.  I continued down this small street as it weaved back and forth and finally saw a tower of a Catholic Church that looked familiar.  I drove towards it and was out of my confusing little area in a few more minutes.  Once at the Catholic Church, I could find my way back to our church.

I sat in Sacrament Meeting and thanked my Heavenly Father for getting me through that situation.  I almost wondered if I was supposed to forget my phone – maybe pulling over would not have been a good idea!

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