Friday, September 19, 2014

Long time to go to school

With two missionaries recovering at my house, it has been a very “quiet” time.  Keith is still doing zone conferences, and I am at home.

Hermana Valdez had the emergency appendectomy.  She will be returning to her missionary apartment tomorrow morning.  She has limited English and I have limited Spanish – however we have done pretty well at expressing ourselves.  She was telling me about her high school years.  Her mother was the Seminary teacher and they held the class at their home.  Seminary started at 5AM on school days.  Her mother would wake her up at 4 AM, she would dress in church clothes (mother requirement) and be ready by 5 AM.  The class ended at 6 AM, and “Laura” would quickly change and be off to high school which started at 7 AM.  Her high school finished at 3:30 PM unless you were in the late start which ran from 10 AM to 8 PM (there must be a siesta time in there somewhere!). American high school students should be rejoicing at this moment!  School times have recently been increased in Mexico under the new president.  Kindergarten is now from 7:30-5:00 (PM).  Can you imagine?

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  1. Hermana Valdez ( the mother) -wo-manning up, hard core seminary love. Thanks for this and all of the beautiful service you two are giving down there on the front lines of the Church. Sounds like serious mothering and grandmothering times 200 . Norm