Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Death of a loved one.

October 1, 2014
Death is not an easy thing on a mission.  Just yesterday I was called by my sister to let me know that her 36 year old son passed away.  This is so difficult as a family – it’s hard to know how to give comfort when you are thousands of miles away.  My sister and I are the last in our family.  Our parents and younger brother have all returned to Heaven.

In just 3 short months we have watched our missionaries deal with the death of 2 fathers, 3 grandfathers, 1 grandmother, one uncle, and an eleven year old brother.  These are hard phone calls to make and receive.

Keith had an experience several weeks ago when the spirit confirmed to him that many family members who have already left this world, serve as guardian angels to our missionaries.  He shared it with the missionaries and there have been several remarkable stories about that.  I wanted to include his words.  This was a call from an Elder who received one of those hard calls several weeks ago.  His 11 year old brother had passed away after an 11 year struggle with disabilities.

"President, I have to tell you what happened to me two days ago.  We knocked on a door and a lady opened it and looked at us with the most amazed look on her face. She said ' I...I..just dreamed about two white young men knocking on my door.  You were one of them (Elder G.), then looking at Elder G.’s companion, she said the other one wasn't him, but it was a young white boy that looked like he could be Elder G.’s little brother."  Very choked up, this Elder told me this morning that he knew it was his little brother that died just a few weeks ago.   He said, "President, I really know that it was the Holy Ghost that told you to tell me about my brother.  Thanks so much."

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