Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A neighboring mission

September 2, 2014
A couple of experiences from a neighboring Mission – we have some friends presiding there.  The experiences were too good not to share!

This week something happened to us that strengthened even more my testimony about the work we are doing and the protection the Lord gives/offers us.  I was on exchanges with Sister O. and in her prayer when leaving the house she asked that we might be invisible to those who would do us harm. Upon taking a bus to go to an appointment 2 armed men got on the bus, yelling and asking that we give them all that we had or they would do something to us. It scared me a little because we were precisely in the first seats. But what was our surprise that despite the fact that they passed by each one of the seats, they never came to us. It was as if we did not exist, they didn´t even turn around to look. It was a very literal answer to our prayers.  We will take the necessary measures to ensure that this never happens again.   D&C.82:10   D&C 84:88

This week Sister R. and I have been hard at work, and we have been greatly blessed with many miracles. The most eye-opening, testimony strengthening miracle (and we don´t take it lightly) was when we returned to the house for a moment, and entered in our room only to see that the concrete ceiling exactly over our beds had fallen. It is amazing that it hadn´t fallen when we were sleeping, if it had we would have been seriously injured... or more likely from the weight of it we would have been dead. I am looking for a new house as fast as I can, I want to keep my companion safe, and this house is falling apart. I know God is protecting us, but it makes me stop to think... from how much? We have to do our part, and keep striving for exact obedience, and we will have His promise!   Sister K.

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