Sunday, September 28, 2014

Elder R and Grandmother Beth

September 28, 2014
We send Elder R. home 2 days ago (September 26th).  He was supposed to fly home this coming Wednesday, October 1st as he completed his successful 2 year mission.  However, our Heavenly Father had other plans.

On Wednesday the 24th, I received a short email from his step mom.  She informed me that Elder R.’s Grandmother Beth had passed away.  They were hoping they could talk with their son.   We arranged for Elder R. to come to the office on Thursday morning and place a call to Wyoming.  When he came on Wednesday, Keith asked him if he would like to go home a little early.  He said he’d think about it and called home.  After calling he came out a shared an experience he had just 2 days before his Grandmother’s death.  He had a dream that he saw his father crying, and he rushed up and gave him comfort.

Heavenly Father had already prepared Elder R. to go home and assist his family.  We got him on a plane the next morning (Friday) and he flew to Idaho Falls, his Grandma’s town.  The viewing was that night, and the funeral the next.  We are so sad to lose him, but so happy he could go and offer support to his family.

Before he left, I asked him if his mother was an active member of the church.  He replied that his entire family, except for a 23 year old sister, were active members of the church.  He said, “And as of this coming Sunday, my sister will also be active!”  Watch out sister – brother is coming for you!

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