Sunday, August 31, 2014

Baptisms are so great!

August 31, 2014
Weeks go so by so quickly – months not so much!  One of our sayings is: “Every day is Sunday.”  We are up, dressed, and ready to go as we face new adventures.

We were able to attend two different baptism services this week.  Both were in Nezahualcoyotl Stake involving the same 8 missionaries – Americano’s being Elder's Burham-Endicott, Solomon, Lowell and Hermana’s Gurley and Lopez.

Friday night the baptism was for 2 teenage sisters – Jocelyn and Maricruz. They were taught by Hermana’s Gurley and Lopez. These sisters are without parents but their aunt and uncle have legal guardianship.  The sisters live 5 houses out of the ward boundaries of another aunt who is a member of the church.  All the relatives, except for the member aunt, had strong anti-Mormon feelings.  Still the girls persisted.  For seven weeks they sought permission and finally the uncle said “yes”, but with the condition that they were baptized in the other aunt’s ward (5 houses out of ward boundaries).  The Bishops got involved and with some disagreement the idea of baptizing into the aunt’s ward was finally settled by the Area Presidency. As the time approached, we all worried that something would go wrong – but it didn’t!  In fact, 11 nonmembers sat there witnessing the baptism.  They even occasionally smiled!  Jocelyn and Maricruz were up early the next morning and made the 25 minute walk to a Young Women’s activity.  They returned to the Church Saturday night to witness the next baptism.

After the baptism on Friday night, Keith gave a FHE in the same building.  Yes, it was Friday night so we changed the F from Family to Friday.  Surprisingly, the 11 nonmembers stayed and most seemed to enjoy.  I learned a lesson that night.  With my lack of Spanish, I make small talk the best that I can.  I often compliment women on everything from shoes to jewelry.  I told one sister that I loved her “Tree of Life” necklace.  It was soon around my neck!  Following that talk, a sweet 14 year old, Christina, came up to me and asked me to come to her baptism the following night.  I told her I would try my hardest.

Saturday night we were back at the building.  Christina and her brother were baptized by the Elders.  There entire family sat in attendance.  But even more exciting was the Medina family.  We watched as a Grandmother, Mother, and Dad all were baptized.  Their two little children watched.  The night before I had met this family at the FHE.  I had complimented Hermana Medina on her butterfly earrings.  She brought them to me at the baptism!  All I can do is say a few words of appreciation, touch my heart and hug!

Side note> Elder Lowell was having a great time watching me and finding the hilarity of it all.  Soon after the baptism, I had a set of earrings, a cup of rice pudding, a drink of chocolate something and a piece of cake in my hands.  He tried to unburden me and I told him “no.”  If I let anything go, someone else would fill the space with something else!  He told me to never give compliments because they always just give it to you.  I promptly told him how cool his belt was…and he started to undo it.  We had a good laugh!

Second side note> Keith and I made it to our first tiangis this week.  Amazing.  He bought a geode – I gave my money to a crippled man.  There are few welfare services in Mexico.  Those who cannot work must rely on the goodness of others.

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