Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Mr. Hollywood

August 20, 2014
We had to get four Elders and one Sister on their way home today.  Elder Cruz was going to catch a bus home.  The bus station is at the airport.  This airport is a mad house!  We find a parking spot and climb out of the car and start to unload his baggage.  He had loaded it into the car.  He has three bags and one bag is in terrible shape.  The back of it is breaking out, and the wheels are broken off.  And then Elder Cruz brings out the weights.

We call Elder Cruz the “Pretty boy.”  He has perfect hair, wears silver suits, and patent leather shoes with extended toes.  He has kept his physic throughout the mission.  The weights are too heavy for Keith or I, so Elder Cruz carries them.  I pull one bag and Keith has two.  Mind you, one of Keith’s bags has no wheels and is falling apart.  He is literally dragging it through the parking structure – and in English so Elder Cruz won’t understand he says, “This is stupid!”  I start to laugh too hard and I hear Keith starting to talk about being on a cruise in the Caribbean……

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