Monday, August 4, 2014

Special "benefactors"

August 4, 2014
We had a sweet experience today.  Half of our mission is filled with Elders and Sisters from Latin America.  This means that they often arrive without some of the basic needs of a missionary.  Added to that, as things wear out, they do not have the resources to replace.

We had a missionary from Mexico, and one from Honduras, that each needed glasses.  We also had a missionary from Argentina who needed white shirts.   We have tried to make this mission a learning experience for the whole family, so we went to our families – adult children, spouses, and grandchildren, to ask if they would like to help.  Together the funds were raised with each contributing.  Luke, one of our grandsons, gathered cans out of the garbage.  He gave us his “garbage money.”

Off to Mexico City we went today.  There was actually a little mall full of stores selling glasses.  Following the exam, the glasses were ordered.  They were ready for pickup just 2 hours later.  We walked the street full of shops for men and found four white shirts.  After a little lunch, and some walks through fantastic old buildings, we all headed home feeling deeply blessed and thankful!  Each of our families has been sent pictures of their “benefactors.” 

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