Friday, August 7, 2015

Our amazing Sister (Hermana) missionaries

August 6, 2015
Our mission currently has 17 Hermanas (sisters, women) serving.  In some part of Mexico, Hermanas make up half of the missionary force while ours is about 10%.  The group of 17 Hermanas that we now enjoy are all pretty new.  The “oldest” ones (in experience) came to us just last February.  They are a strong group and you can hear their enthusiasm in the letters they write to my husband each week.  Here a few excerpts.

Sister V.
We arrived at a house, knocked, and Maria let us in.  We sat down and told her that our records showed that 3 years ago there was someone living in the home that was investigating the church.  Maria said that was her nephew but he no longer lived there.  Without even starting with a hymn or a prayer, I asked her if she would come to church this Sunday.  My companion was afraid Maria would be angry but she started to cry instead.  She said, “This morning I prayed to God that he would guide me and give me a sign that would show me the way.” She said that “God sent us and we are her angels.”  She felt very happy and so did we.

Sister C.
So I had kind of a short but powerful experience this week. I was having a hard day and I was frustrated with the language. I would understand a need of one of my investigators, but the words wouldn´t come through my mouth. I was walking down the street, completely discouraged and wondering why, of all people, I was the one that was sent to Mexico because I felt like the least qualified of everyone. Then I had a prompting to look to my right. I turned and saw no one, but that was when the prompted thought came. "You may not see me, but I am here." I knew that those were not my thoughts, but a prompting from the Spirit that the Lord was with me and I needed to rely on Him to be able to speak the language. In the next lesson I tried to speak from my heart, and the words came! I am so grateful for my knowledge of the Gospel and for these experiences that make life just a little bit sweeter.

Sister J.
During one particular lesson I couldn´t understand a single thing that was being said. I was trying to understand but at the same time trying to think of a scripture to share so I was missing even more of what was being said. But I knew that wasn´t how I should do it, I needed to listen to what this Hermana was saying. So I said a prayer to help me listen to what she was saying and then when the time came to know what scripture to share. My mind was cleared and I was able to listen but I still couldn´t really understand anything. Towards the end of the lesson I asked if I could share a scripture. Without knowing what scripture I would share I started saying "One scripture that I really like is..." and then I knew that I needed to share 1 Nephi 3:7. So I shared it with her and definitely not by coincidence it is her favorite scripture and played a huge part in her experience of gaining a testimony. 
I love being a missionary and having experiences like this every day!

Sister W.
The miracles here are crazy! We have been GUIDED to where we need to go. My favorite was on Saturday. On Saturday we really REALLY wanted to find this one woman who had been a Golden investigator but was lost when missionaries were transferred. The only problem was that we didn't have an address or a phone number. Hermana W. remembered what part of town she lived in, and so we decided to walk over there. We then prayed to know where to go. We both felt that we should go to this one house. There was a group of people outside and we asked them if they knew this woman. They said there were two people with the same name, one in one direction, and one in the other direction, though they didn't know exactly which house. We felt prompted to go down one street... but when we were over there we were sort of just lingering not sure if we should start knocking door or what, when we turn around and Hermana W. gets so excited because there was a woman walking towards us and IT WAS HER. There are like a million people here. I have now doubt that God lead us to her. We showed her the restoration video and seriously, she is just golden. I'm so excited to finish teaching her."

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