Saturday, August 29, 2015


August 29, 2015
We are not about numbers.  When we arrived in Mexico City, we felt our mission had been so focused on the "number of baptisms" that all other things such as obedience and true growth of the church had been over looked.  We wanted the missionaries to find converts that were truly looking for a change to a better life.  The number of baptisms was not nearly as important as changing the life of a person and bringing them closer to God.

Unfortunately numbers have to be used to measure progress and achievement.  Parents want to see numbers from their children's teachers.  Knowledge is measured by numbers.  I am a person who built a successful career out of numbers and what they mean.

So with caution, and with great respect for my missionaries, I was excited to see that out of 35 missions in Mexico, we are #8 in the number of baptisms year to date. That speaks to the hard work of our 170 missionaries!  Now that we have had our 5 minutes of fame, we can get back to work.

P.S. I won't be sharing this information around the mission to's that "focus" thing.

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  1. Really love your descriptions and August experiences. Teachings of E. Christopherson, with the scriptures, the spirit confirming truth to hearts and minds. The Vera Cruz temple entry is wonderful. Keith's email about working with the Elders in the street. I'm so glad to have this relationship with your family , to share in it.
    Cordell joined us with another choice family two weeks ago. The Hilmos of Highland , UT; formerly of SoCal. He married their oldest ( 20) daughter , Meagan. Dave Hilmo is a doctor who treats neuro-trama victims in a hospital. Tess is an author of books for the young adult market.
    Thanks for chronicling so much of your experiences for all to share in. Norm