Sunday, April 19, 2015

It's not Taco Bell

April 19, 2015
I knew that the food here would not be like Taco Bell and it isn’t.  I guess what has surprised me is that each region of Mexico has its own type of food.  Therefore, a lot of the food I expected is not available where I live.

I expected a lot of beans.  No beans here – or at least very few beans here.  If you are eating at a restaurant and order some, you will get a small bowl.  Refried beans (frijoles) are even harder to find.

I thought all of Mexico ate both corn and flour tortillas.  Nope.  Although you can find flour tortillas in the grocery store (small little display with one brand), most of the tortillas are corn in this region.  You can order a “gringa” (white girl) at some restaurants which is a fried flour tortilla with meat and cheese.  Delicious indeed, but it is not the normal meal around here.  Corn tortillas are warmed on a stove top and not deep fried.

Rice – don’t know how it is here since I haven’t had any, except in rice pudding.  Spanish rice?  It’s probably popular somewhere else in Mexico.

Guacamole – it’s usually runny without a lot of flavor except for the hot part.  They use a lot of water in the preparation.  We have found some “American” guacamole at one restaurant and we savor it whenever we can!

Tortilla chips are for mixing with salsa and scrambled eggs – called chilaquiles.  I run into flavored Doritos at convenience stores but few are dipping them into salsa.  Meanwhile, salsa is runny, very hot, and seldom makes it into my system!

The food here is great – but it is not Taco Bell!  That’s alright with me.  I was never much of a Taco Bell fan anyway!

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