Sunday, April 12, 2015

A Perfect Storm of Illness

April 12, 2015

This was an unusual week.  It was like the perfect storm of sickness!  Here is what we did last week.  We were present at all of these things – and this schedule does not include the four days of interviews.  Wow – no wonder we are tired!
·         Elder J. R. was admitted to Cami Hospital with a severe infection in his food.
·         Hermana A. L. had a tooth ache and we took to the dentist
·         Elder J. L. was admitted to the hospital because he couldn’t keep food down.
·         Elder J. L. released from Cami Hospital
·         Elder J. R. released from Cami Hospital
·         Elder J. S. taken to Dr. Francina to check on procedure on toe
·         Elder C. A. taken to Dr. Francina for a procedure on his toe
·         Elder T. G. taken to Dr. Francina – fear he has another hernia, needs ultrasound
·         Elder B. H. taken to Dr. Francina – needs surgery for a benign tumor in chest
·         Elder R. M. taken to internist for test results – he is gluten intolerant
·         Elder D. G. comes down with chicken pox
·         Elder A. G. sees plastic surgeon to repair bad scar on face
·         Elder D. R. sees plastic surgeon to help repair burns on hands
·         Elder T. G. gets his ultrasound
·         Elder T. G. gets results – needs surgery
·         Elder B. H. has a successful surgery removing benign tumor
·         Hermana R. W. is admitted to Cami Hospital with dehydration and diarrhea.

Today we still have our Hermana in the hospital.  Elder B. H. was released from the hospital today (5 hours to get the hospital and insurance to work together) and is at our home, and 2 Elders have also joined us for a dentist appointment in the morning.  May we sleep in tomorrow?

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