Friday, April 3, 2015

"I killed someone"

April 3, 2015
From Keith's journal
     Occasionally, as Mission President, I have to do “special interviews” of investigators who want to be baptized.  These include those who have been involved in abortions, same sex attraction/relations, and even murder.
     Those who have committed a homicide, in order to be baptized, have to be cleared by the First Presidency of the Church in order for the permission to be given for them to be baptized. 
       Recently I was asked to interview an 85 year old gentleman who wanted to be baptized, but had been involved in a homicide 50 years ago.  During his baptismal interview, he told my missionary,  “I killed someone 50 years ago!”   So, they called me up and I scheduled an interview him.    
        This man is suffering from terminal cancer, has listened to the missionary lessons, has attended church, and wants to be baptized.  
        Fifty years ago in a small village up in the mountains, some men came to his house and kidnapped his sister.  It was a very traumatic incident for this man and his family.  
      He took off through the mountains and valleys, trying to track down the kidnappers and his sister.  After searching for many days, he caught up with the kidnappers, but very unfortunately, they had, just moments earlier, killed his sister.      
       He said he was in a rage, and began hand to hand combat with one of the kidnappers, while the others fled.  They fought for a long time, and eventually he killed the man who ended the life of his sister. 
       He said the local “law” arrived as the combat came to an end.  He explained it all to the law officer, who then told him to just leave!  He took off and never looked back. 
       I submitted this case to the First Presidency a month ago, then received a letter back from them granting permission for him to be baptized! Amazing!! 

      He was baptized just a few weeks ago!!  His wife has been a member for a very long time.  Hope he lives long enough for them to be sealed in the temple!! 

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