Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Our nine month anniversary

March 31, 2015
Today is our 9 month anniversary.  We have served one fourth of our mission.  As I was thinking of that this afternoon, it dawned on me that we received such a wonderful gift to celebrate this first nine months.

We have tried to not focus on numbers here.  It seemed that it was too strong of a focus before we got here.  Therefore there were some things that happened in order to increase numbers instead of the primary focus of bringing people to Christ.  Bringing people to Christ includes all – you, members of the Church, and nonmembers of the church.

There have been several times that we have heard that missionaries don’t think we care about baptisms.  We care about baptisms, but we care more about growing the Church in Mexico.  The stronger the church is in Mexico, the better off Mexico will be.  A baptism, and no further attendance at church, does not help the church in Mexico.  Members who are no longer attending church need attention and love.  Their lives can be made better.

Back to the subject:  Therefore, we have worked on obedience and help strengthen our missionaries.  If missionaries are more righteous and obedient, they will do a better job at missionary work.  Up until March, our baptisms have been a little disappointing each month.  We have looked at that sadly but felt compelled to continue down our road of focus.

Baptisms in February were 40, which was pretty close to average.  Baptisms in March were 130!  What a gift for us!  130 souls brought to Jesus Christ because of obedient, righteous missionaries!  There were also hundreds of “less active” members that came back and partook of the spirit that can be felt at church – because of simple and thoughtful invitations from our missionaries.  What a gift for our nine month anniversary!

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