Friday, March 20, 2015

Learning a language is hard!

March 20, 2015
In my "off" hours, I am trying to learn Spanish.  For a semi-bright person, you would think this would come with a little ease.  But no, I have not been that blessed.

We also work with/encourage our Latino missionaries to learn English.  English will change their life in years to come.  Many are taking up the challenge.  As part of the mission requirements, each missionary is supposed to email Keith every week with a report.  Here are a couple of emails where courageous Elders tried to write Keith in English.

President hello how are you?
So glad to see him Sunday in the chapel and his speeches always motivate and encourage me thanks.
I'm here in my area very well animated (excited) and already with 8 researchers (investigators) and hope and longing both the day to baptize them in the pile (baptismal font = pila) and I am very happy in my area I love him president has beautiful week: Greetings to his wife and his family.

President I send many greetings I hope this good everything here either single ehe tate a little sick (except I have been a little sick) my investigators are progressing good and that makes me happy and is shortly to be bautizen (baptized) and seguire (continue) struggling to find more I want President greetings to his wife and family

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