Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Grandpa and Grandma smell like Mexico

March 11, 2015
“Grandma, you and Grandpa smell like Mexico.”

Is that a compliment?  My 14 year old grandson said this to me today as I was hugging him.  Gunnison is here visiting from Texas.  We have spent several long days visiting many of the sites here.  He has missed his ice cream, nacho’s, and pizza.  He claims he has lost 14 pounds (wish I could do that!).

I seldom have the occasion to hug an Elder.  I only do so in real times of distress or needed comfort.  I do have to admit that at those times I have picked up on a different “human” smell.  It’s not a bad smell, just different from the ones I am used to.  Maybe my “smeller” is overactive.

So now I have the smell also. I’ll still have to decide if I am slightly offended or just proud that I “smell.”

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