Thursday, March 5, 2015

Elder X

March 5, 2015
Elder X is a tall Elder that had little time in leadership when we got here.  He goes home in 4 months so therefore we will have had him for 12 months.

We moved him to a Senior companion, and then to a District Leader.  He is loved by all.

Today’s conversation following Zone Conference:
Elder X to me:  I love you guys.  Is there anything I can do for you?
Me to Elder X:  Matter of fact there is.  Come over here and talk to the President (we had already decided we were going to call him to be a Zone Leader in 2 weeks)
Me to President: Elder X wants to know if there is anything we need from him.  I told him there was.
President to X:  Elder X, I want you to be a zone leader on the next transfer.
Elder X laughs, hugs the President, tells him he loves him and walks away.

10 minutes later

Elder X. to me:  You have to quit scaring me like that!  I almost took President serious!
Me to Elder X:  He was serious!

I walked away with Elder X’s eyes wide and mouth open.

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