Sunday, December 28, 2014

Protection by the Holy Spirit

December 28, 2014

About 2 weeks ago we met with security representatives from church headquarters.  They are continually monitoring missions and working with the missionaries to ensure as much safety as possible.  We do not live in a “safe” mission and have several incidents a week.  Fortunately these incidents are usually thieves just wanting a few pesos.  They have never resulted in any bodily harm.  We teach the missionaries to hand over anything they have when asked.  They have been instructed to offer no resistance.

Keith receives letters from the missionaries each week.  We were touched by the following letter – these two Elders experienced both of these incidents in one day!  We are so thankful for the blessings of the Holy Spirit!

From Elder Cam.
It was a day of interesting events. In the morning, my companion and I were walking through one of the streets that were a shortcut to a sister's house.  On the way three men surrounded us and began to ask for our money. The tranquility that I felt let me know that they weren’t trying to assault us or do us harm. I told them that my companion and I were representatives of Jesus Christ and we had nothing of value other than the Gospel. I felt like starting a contact (joke). The men moved away and relaxed and one of them said: "My respects for the messengers of Jesus Christ” and let us go.

After that, we were walking back along a street in our area and suddenly two men grabbed Elder Lar. and myself and wanted our money and said other things.  At that moment, I felt uneasy and thought that they would hurt us. Just then, a sister of the Ward walked by and we were given a chance to flee.

Things were never easy for the Savior, why would it be for us? The Lord was rejected and crucified by his own people.  Maybe we will not be crucified but rejection is something we have to live with. He felt discouraged but never stopped working until he had completed His work.  Yes, we are not asked to die for this work but it is something that we can never deny. That day I saw miracles and protection like I have never in my life experienced. I could not be in a better place now.

A sweet letter from Elder Ord.
This week we were able to baptize a sister who has been receiving lessons for 5 years. We always kept teaching but she never wanted to be baptized.

We continued visiting her hoping that someday she would be baptized. Then on Tuesday we ate with her and we were able to teach a lesson to her. We teach with the video "He is the Gift" and it touched her heart. We extended the baptismal invitation and we had not finished when she said "Yes".  Her husband is the 2nd counselor in the bishopric and was baptized 5 years ago. On Saturday she was baptized with her two daughters... Miracles of Christmas!

The safety and well-being of our missionaries is always in our prayers and in the prayers of their parents.  They are so often protected and guided!

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