Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The weight of the name tag

October 7, 2014
The weight of the name tag….
When I first received my name tag at the MTC, it was so exciting to put on.  It made me different from what I had been before.  It represented a calling, a three year calling at that.  It was light.

When we arrived to Mexico, the name tag changed.  Although it carried the same significance as before, it suddenly offered me more security and protection.  On days that we were just going to be at home, or maybe walk to the grocery store, we still put on the name tags and dressed the part.  It’s what felt right.  It also made me feel that I had heavenly protection.

This last week, the weight of the tag has changed again.  This last week the name tag has been heavy on my shoulders.  It has represented a necessity to act or react in a strong righteous conviction.  It hasn’t allowed me to turn my head or look away.  Instead it has insisted upon responsibility and respect.

Isn’t that interesting – the name tag’s weight changes with my experiences.

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