Monday, October 27, 2014

Quite a repair job

October 27, 2014
We drive a 2011 Toyota Van.  It is rather beat up which is just fine with us.  Missionaries and Mission Presidents are not very nice to cars!

There is a saying in Mexico City.  It says: “If your car does not have any scratches on it, it is less than 30 minutes old.”  We (Keith) have already added scratches to our van.

It has given us some trouble in the last couple of weeks.  We found that the battery was dead several weeks ago.  Not having jumper cables, we flagged down a taxi who happened to have them.  We thought we had maybe left on the light.  It happened again last week but this time we had purchased jumper cables.  It was easier that time.  And then Sunday morning, it was dead again.  It was time to call Church maintenance.  Keith sent an email off early this morning asking for a new battery.  On the way to the office, in the other car, church maintenance called.  They asked if we could be home on Tuesday morning.  We answered in the affirmative.  They said they would deliver the new car to us then.  Wow – that is real service – a new car instead of a new battery!  What a way to fix a dead battery!  Now to see when the first scratch happens.....

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  1. Hi Sister Stutznegger. My son will enter your mission next Monday, November 10th. As he has been home rehabing his knee I will be able to help him pack his bags and personally take him to the airport:). I would love to send a little piece of America to you if I can. Is there something you are just dying to have that I could send with him? Chocolate? Macaroni and cheese? Candy? Anything! I know very little about Mexico but I am guessing you haven't received many care packages from home as I have heard the mail is a little unreliable. Please let me send something. I am so grateful to you for you service!