Friday, November 4, 2016

Two transfer missionary

November 4, 2016

Not all young LDS men can serve missions.  Sometimes one has the desire, but not the physical ability to complete 24 months of service.

The church has a program called the Two Transfer Mission.  This mission is for 12 weeks (6 weeks equals one transfer).  This is program allows a young man with limited abilities to “try out missionary work” and see how his body responds.  These missionaries do not go to the MTC first and have not attended the Temple.  If they are able to handle the rigorous lifestyle, they can appeal to Church Headquarters to fulfill a two-year mission.  The church asks that they work each six week period with a different companion to vary the experience.  When the 12 mission is completed, the young man goes home with an honorable release.

Jose is our two-transfer missionary.  He is 5 foot, 1 inches tall.  He weighs 123 pounds.  He was born with a bone disease that has required 5 surgeries in the last 13 years.  Too much walking causes intense pain at night.  His pain medicine causes ulcers in his stomach. 

It became apparent in Jose’s first transfer that he would not be able to serve a full 24-month mission.  Each night at home he would cry.  After pain medication, he would cry again because of the pain in his stomach.  We approached him about going home at 6 weeks.  He talked with his parents and both agreed and asked to stay for 6 weeks more.

Jose is with his second companion.  His companion Cesar is also from Mexico.  Cesar is 6 inches taller, and 80 pounds heavier than Jose.  Last night we heard how it was going with these two.  It’s going very well.  When Jose starts to hurt too much, Cesar picks him up and piggy backs him around their area.

I cried.

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