Friday, November 4, 2016

Home is where your parents live

October 31, 2016

Three years in Mexico…that calling changed our life so very much.  Three years is such a long, and a short time.

My children and grandchildren have loved coming here on vacation.  Mexico has so much to offer – antiquity, history, and brand new experiences.  They all have seen, and eaten, things they never would have dreamed of.  Some have held baby lions, pet camels, and eaten deep fried crickets.  They have walked through churches that have stood for hundreds of years and climbed pyramids that are thousands of years old.  All of them have said it was their best vacation ever.

Their “last vacation” here has already happened for most of them.  It is so interesting to see their reactions as they leave.  Our home here has become their family home and they feel sad leaving it.  They talk of never being here again and what they will miss.  They will miss all of “this stuff” here.  Some of them are trying to find ways to come back “one more time.”  Slowly Mexico City has replaced Oroville.

Home truly is where your loved ones are.


  1. It is wonderful how your mission stories help us feel the faith and love of these wonderful young people in that culture ( Elders Cesar and Jose and the many others ) . I have really been renewed from these and the stories coming thru your children. Your sacrifice has taken everything you've got, but seems to have poured so much more back in. Inspired and grateful for you both, Norm