Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Surprise of the Century!

April 12, 2016
I am getting old – which has never bothered me much.  I don’t mind my gray hair or my skin that sags a little more.  I do mind that my body gets more tired and my “get up and go” seems to have “got up and gone” at times.

Anyway, the monumental 65th birthday came this month.  Since I had already retired and started to collect Social Security, the only fanfare was going to be signing up for Medicare.  Whoopee!
However, my children had a plan that I later found out started clear last fall.  Quietly, and secretly, they planned a trip to Mexico City.  This was going to be one of those trips for “our children” only.  All 19 grandchildren, and spouses, would be left behind to keep “life rolling.”

They arrived on the 30th of March.  The Mecham’s, our neighbors who are serving in the South Mission, were part of the plan.  They picked up all five kids at the airport and brought them to our office.  We were out in the field installing Fire/Carbon Monoxide detectors totally unaware.
Elder Nebeker called us and told us we had a visitor at the office.  Supposedly it was a former missionary coming back to say “Hello”.  The missionary wanted to surprise us so he wouldn’t tell us who it was.  Keith: “Really, we are 90 minutes away, can it wait for later in the day?”  Elder Nebeker said the missionary was on a time schedule – “Can you come now?”  Under my breath I said, “Hope this is worth it…..”

What a shock when we walked into the office and were greeted by our five grown children.  They had already had a great time together meeting in Texas the night before.  They had on purple T shirts with funny sayings.  They had been eating and laughing for a day.  And now they were here.  Keith screamed and I cried.  Mecham’s and Nebeker’s recorded the historical “surprise of the century.”

We spent 4 days laughing, eating, and shopping. It was beyond great.  How I love these children – and those wonderful spouses left home to care for precious grandchildren.  Family is just the best!

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  1. I LOVED seeing picture of this but I love hearing you talk about it even more:) What wonderful children that certainly came from the most wonderful parents! BEST SURPRISE EVER!