Monday, April 18, 2016

Lost in translation

Elder Munoz is from Mexico.  However, he arrived with an excellent foundation in English which makes talking to him much easier for me!

We brought Elder Munoz to the house last night.  He is the companion of an Elder who is hospitalized.  Even in the hospital, we keep 2 missionaries together.   We don’t like to keep companions of those who are ill and in the hospital for too long because it is boring.  So last night we brought in someone else to replace Munoz and he came to our house to sleep and be ready to start missionary work the next morning.

Elder Munoz arrived hungry.   It was 9:30 at night and we decided to scramble some eggs for him. Keith got them in the pan starting to cook when the phone rang.  Keith ran to get the phone and told Elder Munoz to watch the eggs.

After the phone call Keith went back to the kitchen.  There was Elder Munoz being totally obedient and “watching” the eggs.  They had now formed a solid pie like piece, totally black on the sides and bottom.  

“watch” does not equate to “scramble.”

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