Thursday, March 3, 2016

We have a Senior Couple!!

March 3, 2016

We have a Senior Couple!  It is impossible to put enough excitement into those words!

My daughter Sara lives in North Carolina.  She is the Young Women’s President in her ward and her Laurel advisor is Shannon.  They are good friends.  When Shannon’s parents, who live in Southern California, started to talk about going on a mission, Shannon and Sara put their heads together.  Why not set these parents up on an 18 month double date?  If Sara and Shannon got along so well, surely their parents would also!

How blessed we feel!  We have support.  With approximately 170-180 missionaries, we are now 45:1 and not 90:1!  We have someone else on this “Boy Scout” 3 year overnight experience!

I’m not saying it’s the Nebeker’s fault or anything like that….but since they arrived about 4 weeks ago, we have been living the “crazies!”  We have been on a frantic run with hospital needs, VISA visits to consulates, a Pope visit that totally clogged the city’s traffic, and various other semi-emergencies.  We haven’t stopped, and the Nebekers have not either.  Along with that, we have even been having our office “O” boys (Elder’s Olson and Orchard) filling in when all four of us are in different locations.  (Side note: Both Olson and Orchard have “served” time in the hospital this last month to add to the story) I guess Heavenly Father knew the coming months would be like this, and he blessed us with the Nebekers!

Are Senior couples needed in a mission?  Do I love chocolate?  Am I going too fast for an almost 65 year old woman?  Is the sky blue?  “Thank you” goes to the Nebekers for coming.  What in the world would we have done during this last month without you two???

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