Monday, February 29, 2016

Giving thanks

February 29, 2016

We have two of the finest young men as assistants.  I can’t imagine two finer – I think the Lord knew our need for them and blessed us to have them.

Elder Camarillo related this to us this morning during our weekly meeting.  Last week, he and Elder Labra received a referral for a gentleman who might be interested in the gospel of Jesus Christ.  They were told that this man had a daughter living in the United States that had joined the Mormon Church.  He also had other daughters living elsewhere who were active in other religions.
Off to find the gentleman – and the address was correct.  This gentleman invited them in and told them that he would listen.  And timed perfectly by the Lord, the phone rang.  His daughter from the United States was calling.  Dad told her that the missionaries were sitting in his house at that very moment and he was going to listen to them.  She started to cry and asked to speak to Elder Camarillo.

“Thank you for serving a mission” she said.  Elder Camarillo told us how he felt in that moment.  He said he had never been thanked for serving a mission.  He and Elder Labra cried with this daughter and Dad, and made appointments to return.

Sometimes I wonder if I see the folly of 18-21 year olds before I see their dedicated service.  I will try harder in the future to give my thanks personally to each missionary and acknowledge their sacrifice.

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