Saturday, September 12, 2015

Book of Mormon Challenge

September 12, 2015
We are doing a Book of Mormon challenge in the mission.  We have handed each missionary a new copy of the Book of Mormon (in their native language), a 90 day reading schedule, colored pencils and a pencil sharpener (no excuses allowed!).  We started the challenge a week ago.

With their colored pencils, they highlight the following:  Words of Christ-yellow, Doctrines and Principles –red, References to Jesus Christ – Blue, and Attributes of Christ – green.

It is fun to see everyone carrying around their Books of Mormon.  It is more fun to look inside and see how differently we all see the book.  Personally, I am using a lot of red.  I looked at Elder Shumway’s yesterday and he has used half of his yellow pencil.  Every page has numerous colors and it adds some fun to reading the Book of Mormon.  It certainly reteaches you about the breadth and depth of this wonderful book!

Try it – you might like it!

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