Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Dr. H.

May 4, 2015

We have a Doctor that lives in one of our wards.  He has been most kind and helped with many sick and kind of sick missionaries.  Dr. H. did not receive his medical training at what we would call a medical school.  In fact we don’t quite know where he received his training.  He practices a little Chinese medicine, mixed with homeopathic, mixed with looking up symptoms on Google.

Elder R. arrived from Argentina one week ago.  He has already served for 6 weeks in another mission so we knew there would be some adjustments.  We assigned him Elder H.  We saw the two at church on Sunday and asked how they were doing.  Elder R. reported that he had been to see Dr. H. because he wasn’t well.  Dr. H. looked at the size of his hands (large) and asked him if he was an “angry man.”  Large hands = angry man.  Because Elder R. was an angry man, his gall bladder had started to hurt.  That was Dr. H's diagnosis.  We asked Elder R. why he was angry.  He was angry with Elder H. because Elder H. fell asleep during personal study.  (Who hasn’t?)  I don’t think we can decrease the size of Elder R’s hands, but will work on the anger part!

Weird medical practices in Mexico:
     *If it rains on you, you must hurry home for a shower or you will get sick.
     * If it is hot outside, you can’t have a cold drink, or you will get sick.
     *Coke with lemon fixes all ailments.
     *If it is cooler than 80 degrees, you must wear a sweater or coat or you will get sick.
     *Don’t eat bread and drink water together.  It will cause you to get sick.

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