Sunday, May 17, 2015

A gigantic reunion in Heaven

May 17, 2015
When I was carrying my second child I used to wonder how I could possibly love the new baby as much as I loved my first daughter, Laura.  I wondered how my heart could hold any more love than it already had and if I would end up being an inadequate mother to my second baby.  Of course when Sara arrived,  I learned that wonderful lesson that your heart simply expands with each child.  Love doesn’t have to be divided when you are blessed with another child.  A mother’s capacity to love simply increases.

I feel like I am going through that worry again!  In just three short transfers, this mission loses more than 50+ missionaries.  Within those numbers sit absolutely wonderful, dedicated, young men and women.  They were here when we arrived 11 months ago.  We felt that some changes needed to happen, and with faith, we opened the door to change.  These young men and women rushed through that door and changed so many things in this mission.  I love them.

And now they are going to leave.  I am having my second child!  Can my heart expand to hold more love for all these wonderful young men and women that remain and are coming?  I already know the answer to that question – but that doesn’t seem to stop the little sadness that is sitting in there!

We will be receiving 27 young men and women to replace those going.  We will close areas, apartments, and haul furniture to the offices.  We will find trainers, district leaders, zone leaders and assistants from those that stand by our sides.  I sure hope at some time in the future, maybe even in Heaven, we will have a gigantic reunion of 400+ and talk about old times!

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