Sunday, February 1, 2015

Success in the English Program!

February 1, 2015

The church offers an English Program for Latino missionaries.  The missionaries are given the first two books when they are in the language training center.  There is one more book that follows, each book improving their skills.

This is an independent, self-motivated, program.  They are given time each day to practice.  We tell them that American missionaries steal the Spanish language from them; it’s only fair that the Latino missionaries “steal” the English language from their companions.  English is such a blessing to these Elders.  It will help them the rest of their lives, especially in bettering their employment. 

We have been working to get this program going.  We have eight Latino missionaries returning home this week.  Of those eight, three of them were anxious and ready for the English exam.  The test is done by an independent company, and is all based on their talking ability.  All three passed, two with an advanced rating and one with an intermediate rating.

I’m a proud mother!

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