Tuesday, February 17, 2015

I have learned to survive and enjoy!

February 17, 2015

In October 2013 we had a second interview with Elder Russell Nelson. We knew it was regarding a possible call for Keith to become a Mission President beginning in July, 2014. The same week I visited a neurosurgeon in Dallas Texas regarding a fairly rare surgery for cysts developing on the nerves in my spine.

Fast forward a year and a half and we are in Mexico City Southeast Mission. I had a miracle surgery on my spine, fully recovered, and have no limitations. And then it is time to return for my one year MRI to check the progress of the surgery.

Any one who knows much about our missionary program also realizes that traveling outside your assigned mission does not fit into the equation. With permission from Elder Dallin H. Oaks, I booked my trip to Texas. It is my good for fortune to have a daughter, son in law, and five grandchildren living in Texas. They are the same jewels that helped me recover in Texas for a month following the surgery.

And now after all this verbiage, I get to the reason for this blog! Can one who has lived in Mexico for almost 8 months, return to the states, even to family, and then board a plane and willing go back to Mexico? This was my greatest fear....what if I shut down and couldn't leave my daughter's house? What man in a white coat would come and put me in a straight jacket and throw me on a plane?

As I sit in the Texas airport ready to head back, I am just fine! In fact, I am more than fine! I miss my missionaries and my companion! I am ready to get back to my concrete mansion (that's what I jokingly call it). Do I wish all my family were closer? Absolutely! Do I wish I could drive back into Oroville? Absolutely! But, I have learned how to survive! This little quick trip has actually taught me that I am enjoying this on many levels! Thank you Heavenly Father for such blessings and insight! Mexico....here I come!

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  1. Thanks, Sister Pres, for the updates- Missionary Grampa.