Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Me an answer to a prayer?

November 12, 2014

Today was airport day.  We had six Elders to deliver and they left in batches of 2.  The first batch of 2 – Americans - flew out at 9AM.  We picked them up at 6:30 AM and headed to the airport.  All went well.

We returned to the mission office to pick up the next set.  They were both leaving around 11AM.  Along with that we needed to take Elder Baldeon (Peru bound) to the Immigration Office to correct a VISA problem so he could fly home at 2PM.  We have 2 terminals in the huge Mexico City airport.  Our two 11AM flyers (both Mexican residents) were going out of Terminal 2.  The Immigration Office resides in Terminal 1.  We arrived at Terminal 2 to find a line of about 30 cars waiting to park.  When the lot fills up, you get in line and wait for someone to leave (I know there could be many comments here which I will just skip saying..)  Since there is always a time factor, Keith decided to drop me and the 2 Mexican Elders at Terminal 2, and he would go and work with Immigration Office in Terminal 1 with Elder Baldeon.  Through broken Spanish and English, I got both Mexican Elders in the right place.  I still had 15 minutes before Keith would return to pick me up and I was hungry.  I stopped at the OXXO (like 7-11) and grabbed a mango milk (wish the US had this!).  I looked down the long concourse of the terminal and saw 4 vacant seats so walked over and sat in one.  Just a few moments later I heard the word “miembro” and “no dinero.”  I looked over to see that a “suited” young man had sat in the 4th chair and he was talking with 3 others.  I wondered if he was a missionary since I wasn’t at the right angle to see a name tag. I stood up and walked over.

Elder Marrquillo was trying to return home to Guatemala from the Cuernavaca mission in Mexico.  When he tried to enter the plane he was stopped because he didn’t have the proper immigration form.  He ran to correct his problem but the plane left him.  He was in the act of praying when 3 other members of the church noticed his name tag and stopped to talk with him.  He was explaining to them that he was stranded in Mexico City with no money and then he saw me walking over.

In his prayer he had told his Heavenly Father that he had just completed a mission and was headed home.  He had no help and no money.  Could His Heavenly Father help him?  And there I stood within seconds of closing his prayer.  What a blessing to me!

His new ticket has been arranged, paid for, and is ready for use tomorrow morning.  He is staying in our mission office tonight.  Heavenly Father loves His missionaries.


  1. You are both so amazing and such great examples of the light of Christ. As missionary parents we yearn to hear all we can about the mission and what is happening. Thank you so much for sharing these experiences and stories!

  2. I just love reading your blog! Your messages of faith and missionary work are a great blessing to the parents of these young warriors. Thank you for all you do!