Sunday, November 23, 2014

Americanized Mexico

November 23, 2014
Keith keeps saying that this is not the Mexico he served in 44 years ago.  So many things have changed here.

Americanized Mexico:
·         We sat with some friends eating waffles and pancakes the other morning.  The only Mexican thing on the table was the fruit milk.  Pancakes have become a great love down here – I even see them served at Church functions.  And of course you can buy Krusteazs.
·         100% of my Christmas decorations were purchased at Home Depot, Walmart, or Miguel’s (Michaels in the states)
·         IPhones are a common site
·         Churches have wireless abilities and projectors are hidden in the ceilings.
·         Carl’s Jr., Domino’s, Burger King, Papa John’s, and McDonald’s are not hard to find.

Still just Mexico
·         Vendors greet you at corners, even on the freeways, selling their goods
·         Jell-O can be purchased on any street – they do this whole layered thing even with nuts.  They hand you a glob on a napkin and you eat away.
·         Guards protect each church
·         Old VW buses as used as “combis”  to transport citizens everywhere
·         Agua Frescas – drinks made with everything from wheat, rice, and fruit are sold on the street.

What I am still longing to still find: siestas.

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