Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Can time go any faster?

June 18, 2014
Can the last 10 days even be summed up?  It’s all a big whirlwind of emotions and feelings.  Here’s a snapshot:
·         Being set apart for our new callings by Elder Russell Nelson and Elder Marcus Nash – who gets that kind of opportunity?  Why are we so fortunate? Just looking into their eyes lets you know of their purity and closeness to our Heavenly Father.  What an empowering blessing!  And my children – every one of them found a way to be there which included 2 flights and 4 road trips!
·         Giving a farewell talk at Sacrament meeting – what…..I thought only my children did that sort of thing!  Keith and I both talked, our grandchildren sang “Armies of Helaman”, and David sung “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing” accompanied by Sara.  Lots of tears and hugs were shared that day!  We have lived in this ward, town, and house for 36 years….so much is wrapped up here.
·         The last three days on the lake, full of swimming, water crafts, and skiing.  What a fun time for all 30 of us.  We all ate too much, laughed too hard, and the adults (probably just me) did a pretty good job of holding back tears!
·         And tonight, Wednesday night with us flying out Friday at noon, the first bag is packed.  There are 3 more to go.  The final wash is in the works.  There is one more list of duties to be finished.  18 grandchildren need to be hugged again.  28 loved ones will take us to a tiny little airport in Chico California in one and a half days.  They will stand at the gate and watch the take-off.  The airport is that small.  They and we will see every tear!

Our family will be sending us off for the adventure of a lifetime!  Our new family, much larger, will be waiting for us on June 30th.  This last few days at home, and then in the MTC would seem to be impossible if it weren’t for those fantastic missionaries waiting for us in Mexico City!  They have been “called to serve.”  We have been “called to love!”


  1. My son Douglas Orchard will be departing Salt Lake to the Mexico City MTC on July 9th and then join you in the mission Mexico City South East Mission 6 weeks later. Just know that you will have many families at home praying for you and the missionaries in your mission.

  2. Yes - I see him on our list! He has a great middle name - "Keith". I hope my Spanish is better than his when he arrives. That can be my new goal. Hug him a lot, tell him to be have exact obedience, and prepare him to have the time of his life!