Sunday, August 28, 2016

Elder Daniel A.

August 28, 2016
Elder Daniel A. came to us from Tijuana.  We laughed when we first saw his picture on the application.  How did this Nordic name come to be attached to someone who was obviously a Mexican?  After he arrived, we found he had been raised by an American stepfather and hence the name.  He was also fluent in both English and Spanish.

Elder Anderson is a temporary missionary.  His mission call is to Logan Utah.  However, his Visa into the United States was delayed and so he joined our mission while waiting for his Visa.  He is a fine young man and easily fit into Mexico City.

Elder Anderson did not know his biological father.  Another man had filled that position for him.  However, just two weeks ago he received an email from a cousin.  He had not heard from this cousin for 8 years, but in this email she told him how she had recently run into his biological father, right here in Mexico City.  She shared an address and an email of his father.  Elder Anderson became excited and nervously sent an email telling his biological father that he was currently in Mexico City and that he was serving a mission for the church.  Within a week his Father found him in a local church.  Elder Anderson said there was little doubt it was his father – they resembled each other in every way except for age.  His biological father brought along 2 half siblings, and shared information about 2 other half sisters living in Spain.  It was a special and healing reunion for Elder Anderson.

Our Heavenly Father knows us all so personally.  He knows of our needs and our desires.  I have total faith that Heavenly Father made it possible for these two to meet.  And now, after being in our mission for 16 weeks and the arrival of both a Visa and a Father, Elder Anderson flies to Utah on Monday.

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