Saturday, January 23, 2016

SLC - send me mothers!

January 23, 2016
As Keith does quarterly interviews with each missionary, I sit in another room with the waiting missionaries.  During this time I talk with them about everything from their health, their adjustment to being a missionary, and their families.

Elder T. arrived in the mission a little over 3 months ago.  When American missionaries come to Mexico, we often see an adjustment period.  Many are away from home for the first time and they are in a foreign country with a new culture, language and food.  Many Americans take a little time to adjust.  However, Elder T. has shown none of the regular signs of that adjustment.

Our conversation on Friday:
Me: How are you doing?
Elder T: Great – just great!
Me: How is your family?
Elder T:  Well you know I come from kind of a crazy family (as he pulls out his photo album). 
Me:  (Starting to turn pages):  Wow – are these all your brothers and sisters?
Elder T:  One is missing.  I haven’t met her yet.  She is being born next month.  I am the oldest of 12.
Me:  Some of our best friends have 12 children!  So why is this mission going so smooth for you?
Elder T:  (with a big smile): I’m on a vacation where I only have to take care of me!  My parents both work and I was always washing clothes and dishes, and cooking meals.  This is so much easier!  I love being a missionary!

My Conclusion:  We should only get mothers as missionaries down here!  If mothers took and break and came on a mission, they would really enjoy the whole experience!  Elder T. knew how to work hard – and so working hard here is so much easier for him!  I wonder if SLC would take my suggestion……

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