Saturday, December 19, 2015

Safe Grad Night all over again

December 19, 2015
About 25 months ago we were in an interview with President Henry B. Eyring.  He shared something with us that continues to replay itself in our minds.  He said: “Brother Stutznegger, your entire life Heavenly Father knew that on this very afternoon, I would be calling you to be a mission president.  He has given you all your experiences so you would be ready.”

How many safe grad nights, YSA, Scouts, and Young Women activities have we worked on or organized?  The count is high – but I think it prepared us.

On Monday we had our mission Christmas party.  We arrived at 9 AM to be ready for the 11 AM beginning.  First it was a devotional, then a talent show, followed by a meal and competitions, and ending with a choice between a movie or playing sports/games.  During the movie time, we had endless hot dogs and nachos.  The competitions were arm wrestling, hula hoop, stick pull, and limbo.  Prizes went to the winners.  We sent missionaries off to their homes about 5 PM.  We literally ran a safe grad night, along with food and prizes, for 170 dear missionaries.  The only difference was there were only two adults.

As we willed our bodies to make it through, Keith and I would give each other looks – the looks that say a lot – looks that are clearly understood after 44 years of marriage.  Some looks were that of excitement – it was working.  Some looks were those of slight disappointment – it didn’t go quite as well as we had hoped.  We shared little verbal exchange except for the necessities – we were always on the move.  As we drove home that night, we once again reflected on President Eyring’s words.  How true they were!

Added note:  We are getting a senior couple, The Nebekers, the end of January!  Next year there will be four adults running the Christmas party.  As I thought about that on Monday night, my heart leaped for joy!

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