Sunday, November 29, 2015

Three short stories

November 29, 2015
Three short stories:

November 29, 2015

Elder Luis and Nicolas: (Elder Luis’ words):

I was up on the hill in Chicoloapan (Los Reyes zone) at 7:00 PM.  It was already dark and I was afraid because it is dangerous.  However, I had faith in the Lord and He gave me and my companion, Elder Nicolas, security.  We felt that we were being protected.  I testify that when we were coming down that dark hill, four people cared for us and illuminated our way.  We did not see them, but we definitely felt their presence.

The Reynosa Family:

We were at church last week when the Reynosa family was confirmed and became members of the Church.  Juan, Maria, and their two teenage daughters each took their turn receiving the blessing to receive the Holy Ghost as a constant companion in their life.  I watched the women of this family, each dressed in jeans and a blouse, smile as they came forward.  And then Juan, probably in his 40’s, came forward.  His face showed more years than 40, having obviously worked hard at making a living.  He wore athletic pants, athletic shoes and a gray T-shirt turned inside out.  I wondered why the shirt was inside out but soon realized it was probably either for cleanliness, or to hide pictures/sayings that used to be appropriate but were no longer.  When Juan was asked to give the closing prayer for the Sacrament service, he timidly walked up.  The Bishop gave him a trusting pad on the shoulder, and Juan gave a lovely closing prayer.  What a blessing to witness such humbleness, happiness, and change.

My Sabbath:
Keith’s father used to say: “Even an old barn looks better with some fresh paint.”  This morning we awoke to no water.  No shower and dirty hair started off the day.  We rushed around trying to find the solution to the water and finally gave up and got ready to leave.  As we entered a church in Los Reyes, we were once again summoned to sit on the stand.  At least it was the Primary Sacrament service so we wouldn’t have to speak.  30 minutes into the meeting, I remembered I had a big red sore on my chin.  Had I remembered to put makeup on that blotch?  I discreetly pulled out my cosmetic mirror to see if I saw it – and to my surprise – not only had I forgotten to put makeup on it, I had managed to forget makeup all together.  This old barn did not look “better” today!

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