Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Is it worth it?

January 21, 2015
During a recent interview, Keith had one of the Elders ask the question: “Is this all worth it?”  That question has stuck in my mind, and I wondered if I had been sitting there, what I would have said.

Often to know if something is “worth” it, you have to know the results.  Would I have given so many years of my life, tears, and hard work, to have the children that I now have surrounding and supporting me?  I came out on top on that purchase without even counting the 18 grandchildren and terrific spouses that my children married.

Would I give up my career, leave my home and friends, and reside in a place where I don’t even know the language, if I didn’t believe this mission would be “worth” it?  We were promised that this mission would set up a legacy of faith in our family.  Is that worth it?  How much would I give to have my family surround me forever?  How much did Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ give for that?  Selfishly I say “yes” it’s worth it.

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